Extracellular electron transfer and biohydrogen

Thursday, March 24, 2022
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Institute for Environmental and Climate Technology at Korea Institute of Energy Technology (KENTECH) has an opening for a Postdoc (PI: Dr. Hyung-Sool Lee), starting from Fall 2022. Candidates with strong research experiences in extracellular electron transfer (EET), EET-based biohydrogen, and EET-based carbon capture and utilization (CCU) are welcome.

Institute for Environmental and Climate Technology will provide the opportunity to work on interdisciplinary research projects in EET, CCU and green energy including photocatalytic and electrochemical catalytic research.

Candidates will also work with industry partners and government labs to catalyze EET applications

Candidates are encouraged to contact Dr. Hyung-Sool Lee, hs.chris.lee@kentech.ac.kr and send a resume and a list of three references.