ACS Fall 2023-"Electrified Water Treatment Processes" Symposium Call for Papers

Dear AEESP members,

The ACS Fall 2023 meeting will be held in San Francisco, Aug 13-17, 2023. We invite you to share your recent research on the topic of "Electrified Water Treatment Processes". The symposium details is shown below. Please submit your abstract to the Division of Environmental Chemistry ( The submission deadline is April 4.

"Most existing water treatment processes highly rely on the use of chemicals, such as coagulants, oxidants, and disinfectants. The transportation and storage of these chemicals can jeopardize the resilience of centralized water treatment and create intrinsic challenges for distributed water treatment. Recent attention has been drawn to treatment processes that mainly consume electricity instead of chemicals. These processes use electricity to drive separation processes (e.g., electrodialysis), provide direct redox power (e.g., electrochemical redox processes), or generate chemicals in situ (e.g., electrocoagulation, electrochemical acid/base production). Compared to chemical inputs, electricity is easier to deliver, can be generated locally upon grid disruption, and can be produced using sustainable energy for remote applications. As energy cost decreases and the treatment needs evolve (e.g., more stringent standards, zero-liquid discharge, and resource recovery), previously cost-prohibitive electrified processes may become economically favorable. In the meantime, new high-performance and energy-efficient electrified treatment processes are emerging. Therefore, we invite abstract submissions on electrified water treatment processes. The relevant technical areas include, but are not limited to, electrocoagulation, electrochemical redox processes, electrodialysis, electrosorption and capacitive deionization, electrochemical or electrophysical water disinfection, electric-field assisted processes, and electrochemical resource recovery. Abstracts on the techno-economic analysis (TEA) and life cycle assessment (LCA) of electrified water treatment processes are also welcome."

General information about the conference can be found at Any other inquiries should be directed to the symposium organizers.

Symposium Organizers
Wensi Chen (; Lea Winter (;
William Tarpeh (; Xing Xie (